Introducing: Charly&Faust

From Paris to Los Angeles might sound like a really naff follow up to Infernal’s cult 2004 dance track, but thankfully it is in fact the intriguing musical journey followed by six-piece Charly&Faust. The band crosses a fine line between psychedelia and rock, with influences of blues, indie and old school punk for good measure, giving their music a really unique feel.

Charly&Faust take their name from joint lead vocalists and friends Faustine Hornok (aka Faust) and Marie Weill (aka Charly), who also plays rhythm guitar. The pair met in Paris a few years ago, began playing music together and then moved to LA to attend the Musicians Institute and create a band.

As Faust explains: “For my part, I want to transmit messages that I have buried deep down in my heart. I have a hard time to express myself and writing songs is the only way for me to communicate. Singing them helps me a lot, that’s why I’m doing this.”

They have slowly added people to the mix and are currently joined by Jefferson Fichou on lead guitar and backing vocals, Eric Reymond, the quiet strength of the band on bass, their “little octopus” Coralie Hervé on drums and “synth genius” Nathan Lorber on keys, who completed the current lineup just a few months ago.

The band draw influence from a wide range of music and artists, from Michael Jackson, Nancy Sinatra, Marvin Gaye and Joan Jett to Tracy Chapman, Janis Joplin, Jack White and The Libertines, which comes across in their diverse sounding debut EP Wild World, which was released in October.

The brilliantly titled Asshole starts off slow and gradually builds up to a more rocky chorus and continues through to more intense vocals. Probably my favourite track from the record is the delicious It’s Weird Outside, which opens with light guitars supporting high-pitched vocals, before Charly and Faust’s vocals play off against each other and eventually culminate in a really cool guitar solo. Then there’s the more relaxed, but funky pschy No Rush, which you can check out in the video below.

The friendship between Faust and Charly is what drives the band forward and inspires a lot of their music. As Charly explains: “I believe our friendship makes our music special. With Faust, we have this special connection that made us build this band and meet these incredible and talented people that are now part of the band – and you can hear that in our songs and see it when we’re on stage. We are so lucky!

“Faust is the one who writes most of the lyrics. The inspiration can come from something she experiences, or from a word or theme I give to her, from a melody we find together, etc..”

And to that Faust adds: “(I write about) the story of my life! Whatever is affecting me and is giving me intense emotions – that’s how the words come to me. I need to feel inspired and usually it comes with my life experiences.”

Charly&Faust are a little to the music we normally write about we think they have something special in the delicious harmonies between the vocals and their enjoyable rocky psych undercurrent.

And, when it comes to getting noticed in the industry, Charly tell us: “It is not easy. Hard to be heard and respected! But I think it is kind of the same everywhere today for our generation. We just have to work harder and be patient, which is not a bad thing! It means that we will deserve our success and we will be able to be proud of it without forgetting where we come from.”

The band have just put the finishing touches on a new song that tell us is different to the debut EP and marks a nice evolution of the sound, and they hope to have new shows coming through 2018.

Wild World is out now, and you can check out their music on Spotify and YouTube. You can follow Charly&Faust on Facebook and Instagram.