Introducing: Last Hounds

Having burst onto the scene with an excellent debut EP last year, Midlands hardcore punk act Last Hounds have already promised “bigger and better” with this year’s follow-up Old Dreams.

This fact alone should be enough to have us excited but, fresh from speaking to the band this week, we’re struggling to contain ourselves at what’s incoming on 19 May.

The band told us: “We have spent a lot of time in between our last release and this one to really focus on where we wanted to take our sound, and we feel like “Old Dreams” really speaks for itself in that sense.

“It’s a much more mature sound compared to our last release, in terms of the production that has gone into it, but still has that recognisable Last Hounds vibe echoing from every chorus and riff! We’ve gone heavier at times to relay our aggression, and more melodic to give the fans something to sing along to, and we have definitely widened the box on the hip-hop influence to!”

If you missed last year’s eponymous EP then do your ears the favour they deserve and check it out – in Last Hounds’ own words: “As a band there’s a whole host of things we love, big choruses, dirty punk riffs, big break downs and the simplicity of old school hip-hop verses. If you can imagine all of that, stuffed into a bag and shaken about, you’re almost there.”

Opening track Incinerate is big and brash, with a heavy guitar intro followed by a high-speed opening verse with screamed vocals, followed by a shouty, singalong chorus and big guitar chords. The pace is maintained on True Times, with a verse that starts off then flies into faster, catchy vocals and a singalong chorus, and the track continues in the same vein of fun vocals and big guitars. Check out the video for the former below:

And when it comes to their lyrics, it just gives you another reason to love the band’s approach. They told us: “We are all about the social commentary, things that affect people on a day-to-day basis whether that is good or bad situations, it has an effect on everyone at some point. It comes across well cheesy when you say it out loud, but it’s all about sticking up for the little guy!

“Last Hounds is all about family and community, so we like to sing about things that mean as much to our fans as it does to us. Again, for us it’s about the live show, so if we can write music that resonates with our fans, old and new, and we get that connection, that’s what it’s all about.”

But the Last Hounds experience is increasingly becoming their live shows, which are gaining in notoriety. The band said: “In a nutshell, we pride ourselves on our live performance, so bands like Letlive and Frank Carter and The Rattlesnakes tick a lot of boxes for us musically and visually. Although we’re also partial to bit of Sia from time to time.

“We all grew up listening to various bands and genres of music, and watching them smash out amazing live sets at various venues made it something we had to be a part of. We are that attached that there’s no turning back now, but we’re only just scratching the surface of our dreams.”

But 2017 does not stop with the release of the EP on 19 May. There will soon be a music video for the first single off the record, DOA, which will be out later this month, and they’ll be out on tour across the UK to bring the new music to your ears.

As they tell us: “By UK, we mean North to South, so we WILL definitely be playing near you!A very busy year for Last Hounds, but it’s what we live for! Pick up an EP, get to a show, you won’t regret it! Represent.”

Old Dreams is out on 19 May, and will be available digitally as well as in ‘super swanky’ physical form for all you old-school collectors out there.

You can follow Last Hounds on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram, and check out the debut EP on Spotify now.