New Band of the Week: Thrones

It’s been a while since we brought you something really heavy, but in the form of ‘atmospheric hardcore’ act Thrones we’ve got something that’s exactly that.

The Northampton-based five-piece sound like a fusion of two of the best British bands around, Architects and While She Sleeps. So that tells you they sound pretty fantastic.

The band themselves tell us they describe their sound as: “Music that is driven by pure emotion. It can make you feel a million things. We’re both heavy and ambient, and love both sides of that equally as much. We love getting the crowd going but just as much want people to feel that emotion that is poured into the music.”

This leads us onto their live show, which the band believe sees them in their finest glory and truly portrays their modern approach towards melodic hardcore. But, for now, we only have the music to judge them on – and that’s a very positive start.

The band’s debut EP Distance is a superb five-track romp of screamed vocals, booming guitar riffs with a cheeky solo or two thrown in for good measure.

It kicks off with the excellent Winter, which starts with an almighty building mass of heavy guitar riffs, then a big scream of “Never grow old” and an intro of staccatoed guitar riff leads into a huge verse that has so much going on it’s hard to know where to start. The screamed vocals are supported by flowing guitar riffs, big chords and some massive drum support, as well as backing vocals that scream While She Sleeps. There’s a moment of calm, with muted chords and a faint guitar riff with cymbals in the background before the band smashes back into life again. The sound is huge, with fast-paced little riffs and smashing cymbals throughout and the song is brought to an end with a huge scream. Check out the video below:

Next up, Distance opens with a clean guitar riff and big drums, then in come huge vocals that lead into a chorus that sees the return of the clean riff. There’s a really cool section, where the guitars drop a level and the awesome vocals “It’s an echo on the airwaves, it’s a whisper in the breeze” are supported by more massive cymbal action before bursting back into a . Then there’s an awesome mini guitar solo with a really cool effect that comes in for a few seconds and disappears before the song comes to a brief halt. It dives into a huge low-tuned metal guitar riff alongside some massive screamed vocals, then the clean riff returns to support the brutal vocal delivery, followed by a big clean guitar solo to bring the track to an end.

Out To Sea begins with a 1:25 laid-back guitar, bass and cymbals intro that you just know is about to get smashed into life by a metallic assault – which is duly delivered. High-pitched guitars are accompanied by a big heavy chords and driving drums, creating a really atmospheric metallic sound with the screamed vocals. A moment of calm follows, then a cool solo and the big atmospheric metal returns as the longest track on the EP concludes.

Cities Burn begins with a shorter clean guitar intro, that gives way to a huge blast of metal noise with heavy palm-muted and cymbal smashes supporting the big screamed vocals, which are at their brutal best.

Final track Lifelines isn’t quite as heavy as what’s followed, but that’s not to say it’s not brutally brilliant in its own right. It also starts with clean guitars that lead into an instrumental intro, then screamed vocals supported only by minimal guitar and drums. The main focus of the track are the fantastic vocals that form the chorus, which feels like a passionate message that perfectly sums up Thrones: “This is what we need to do, we don’t want to be stuck, we don’t want to trust you. This is an anthem, this is the truth. This is our calling, call to arms, we can’t surrender. This is our lifeline, to the lives we want to live.” It’s repeated and followed by an awesome mini guitar solo before the ending of the chorus is repeated to bring the EP to a close.

This superb debut EP has us begging for more from Thrones, and we can’t wait for the follow-up. You can only imagine how good, and absolutely huge, these guys are live. The good news is we may not have to wait too long. They posted this tweet only last month:

And the band told us: “We are currently writing the follow up to our debut EP and are booked to go into the studio very soon. We had a great first year and had some amazing opportunities to play with some amazing bands. We are all very grateful for our opportunities and really want to press on in 2017.”

You can follow Thrones on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, and buy their music on BandCamp and iTunes.