Discover This: JunkBunny

Hooky rock with the delicious catchiness of pop-punk means that young Montgomery County, Texas, trio JunkBunny are a force to be reckoned with.

Discover This: Some Kind of Liberty

Amid a Danish music scene dominated by pop music comes a bright new hope in the form of exciting emerging grunge rock quartet Some Kind Of Liberty.

Introducing: Matt Mitchell & The Coldhearts

Sussex songwriter Matt Mitchell is embarking upon an exciting, long-awaited solo project, which sees him joined by his band The Coldhearts. It’s safe to say that Matt has had a … Continue reading Introducing: Matt Mitchell & The Coldhearts

New Band of the Week: Khaidian

London quartet Khaidian was born out of a vision to meld fury with technology and create something special that would push the boundaries of both metal and electronica to bring the world something different.

Introducing: The Rocket Dolls

We’re particularly excited about introducing to this band, as it’s one we’ve been wanting to write about since first discovering them play a particularly engaging gig a few months ago. … Continue reading Introducing: The Rocket Dolls

Introducing: Hypophora

South West rockers Hypophora are a refreshing throwback to intricate guitar music of the 90s, fusing funky guitar riffs with hard-hitting catchy choruses led by the powerful, anthemic vocals of … Continue reading Introducing: Hypophora

Introducing: Liberty Lies

They may be approaching a decade together as a band but Black Country-hailing rockers Liberty Lies are only just getting started. Lead vocalist Shaun Richards, guitarists Josh Pritchett and Liam … Continue reading Introducing: Liberty Lies

New Band of the Week: Rob Jarvis & The Mercury Sons

It’s hard to imagine that a band could exist when members live at opposite ends of the country, but Rob Jarvis & The Mercury Sons haven’t let the inconvenience of … Continue reading New Band of the Week: Rob Jarvis & The Mercury Sons