Discover This: Schmoolio

Wisconsin band Schmoolio have honed the sound of early 2000s punk in a fun and catchy sound. The band, led by the engaging vocals of Dan Schmuhl, craft punk rock tracks that are sure to be stuck in your head for hours.

Discover This: Drama Dolls

If, like us, you’re looking for a bit of fun punk rock to liven up the endless days of sitting at home in lockdown then Drama Dolls may be just the band for you. The Los Angeles trio fuse popiness with punkiness in a lively, high energy and highly enjoyable punk rock sound.

Introducing: Louder Than Words

In almost three years of running this blog, we’ve yet to discover a single band that hails from the gambling capital that is Las Vegas. But today that all changes with Louder Than Words, a band that oozes the raw emotion of classic pop-punk.