Discover This: Love Ghost

Los Angeles rock band offer up an enticing concoction of various sounds and styles in one deliciously finessed, eerie yet engaging sound.


Discover This: Deadbot

As the name sort of suggests, Texas-based Deadbot are on a mission to raise awareness about the impending power of artificial intelligence through the medium of stoner rock.

Broken Girls From Affluent Backgrounds

Discover This: Broken Girls From Affluent Backgrounds

As far as eye-catching band names go, Broken Girls From Affluent Backgrounds is right up there with our favourites. And our intrigue was only deepened by the first words out of their mouths being “We’re the four horsemen of the sonic apocalypse – bringing beautiful chaos to the musical landscape.”

Dead Friends

Discover This: Dead Friends

Virginia Beach rockers Dead Friends aren’t ones to pussyfoot around their music with grandiose claims. As they tell us: “We just say ‘rock.’ If people ask us to elaborate we say ‘heavy rock.’ If that’s still not enough, we explain how heavy our rock is.”