New Band of the Week: Clashmute

We’re unashamedly aware of the fact that we always bang on about how great the British metal scene is at the moment. But we only do so because there are so many great new metal bands out there to fuel it. The latest reminder of this is Manchester metalcore newcomers Clashmute.

Addison Lane

New Band of the Week: Addison Lane

When asked how to describe their sound London-based newcomers Addison Lane bluntly retort “this will destroy you.” So don’t let their claim that their second single is their “slow and heavy” effort fool you into thinking that this is anything other than brilliantly brutal progressive metalcore.

Discover This: No Faith In Fortune

The pure aggression of metalcore is present in all its splendour in the intense, yet melodic, sound of Canadian six-piece No Faith In Fortune – which they have dubbed “progressive aggressive.”

Discover This: Still World

What better way to welcome in the weekend than with a seriously heavy new metal band that aims to bring a bit of good to the world and “break the mold of a digital age where the music industry seems to be becoming increasingly formulaic.”

Introducing: Sertraline

“Exhilarating and effervescent.” These are the words that scintillating progressive metal quintet Sertraline use to summarise their tantalisingly heavy yet catchy sound. The Stoke-on-Trent five-piece fuse raw intensity with soothing … Continue reading Introducing: Sertraline

Introducing: I Cried Wolf

Oxfordshire rockers I Cried Wolf made quite the impression with their debut EP back in 2015, only to see a three-year hiatus brought to an end in fine fashion at the end of last year.