Discover This: 23 Valkyries

Arizona rock duo 23 Valkyries offer up a medley of rock elements that jumps from catchy singalong tracks to tear-jerking ballads to screaming guitar solos. In fact, it’s a sound they describe as “kind of like if Tom Petty met up with Dave Grohl for a beer.”

Broken Girls From Affluent Backgrounds

Discover This: Broken Girls From Affluent Backgrounds

As far as eye-catching band names go, Broken Girls From Affluent Backgrounds is right up there with our favourites. And our intrigue was only deepened by the first words out of their mouths being “We’re the four horsemen of the sonic apocalypse – bringing beautiful chaos to the musical landscape.”

Introducing: New Chums

If you love energetic, catchy, riff-heavy indie infused rock then Phoenix quartet New Chums will tick all your boxes. The quartet have honed a sound that exudes the sunny California vibes, … Continue reading Introducing: New Chums