Discover This: Holmstrum

Surprise by location, surprise by sound. Surprise, Arizona, quartet Holmstrum fuse pop-punk and alt-rock with elements of metalcore and overtly emo lyrics to form a fascinatingly diverse sound that varies from track to track.

Discover This: No Faith In Fortune

The pure aggression of metalcore is present in all its splendour in the intense, yet melodic, sound of Canadian six-piece No Faith In Fortune – which they have dubbed “progressive aggressive.”

Discover This: Second Wind

Describing melodic hardcore as “catchy” might raise a few eyebrows, but Chicago newcomers Second Wind have achieved just that with their heavy, yet melodic sound.

Discover This: Sailing Before The Wind

We love discovering new Asian bands, as the cultural and musical influences often make them sound really different from what we’re accustomed to. And that’s exactly the case with Japanese metalcore band Sailing Before The Wind, who fuse delicious melodies with hard-hitting metal.

New Band of the Week: Carrier

There’s an element of diversity in the sound of hardcore Plymouth newcomers Carrier that even the most open-minded metal fan would be surprised by. Their hard-hitting metalcore is offset by … Continue reading New Band of the Week: Carrier