Introducing: SPOONHEAD

If you like your rock music raucous, frantic and frenetic then Australian trio Spoonhead are exactly the band for you.

Introducing: Mullen

One of the most enjoyable things about music is when the fruits of musicians’ labours have a positive impact upon their listeners and potentially society as a whole. When musicians … Continue reading Introducing: Mullen

Introducing: Stand Atlantic launch debut EP ‘Sidewinder’

Australian rockers Stand Atlantic are your perfect combination of catchy pop-punk melodies with an aggressive, punky edge. The trio of Bonnie Fraser (vocals and guitar), David Potter (bass) and Jonno Panichi … Continue reading Introducing: Stand Atlantic launch debut EP ‘Sidewinder’

Introducing: The Beautiful Monument

Our focus has been well and truly on female-fronted rock bands in the last week, following Wednesday night’s antics at Camden Underworld. And it just so happens we’ve found another … Continue reading Introducing: The Beautiful Monument