Discover This: Cold Tide

Melbourne band Cold Tide have honed an infectious brand of rock that’s big on melody and will have their songs stuck in your head for days.

Society of Beggars

Discover This: Society of Beggars

Alternative rockers Society of Beggars describe their musical exploits as a “life sentence of rock’n’roll” and their intoxicating brew of rolling riffs and thunderous rhythms and soaring melodies will have you hooked.

Cleo Alexandra

Introducing: Cleo Alexandra

Australia’s track record for rock singer-songwriters could be about to change with the emergence of Cleo Alexandra, whose style has been aptly described as a ‘grungy rock version of Rihanna.’

‘Very heavy pop songs’ influenced by cults and the Occult: An interview with Pagan

Given they’re self-monikered as ‘real-life/pretend vampires playing real-life/pretend rock and roll,’ you might be surprised to hear Pagan describe their music as: “Just very heavy pop songs.”

Introducing: Mullen

One of the most enjoyable things about music is when the fruits of musicians’ labours have a positive impact upon their listeners and potentially society as a whole. When musicians … Continue reading Introducing: Mullen