Discover This: Shepherds Reign

The tag of unique is thrown around far too easily not just in music but in all areas of our lives. But in South Auckland’s Shepherds Reign we think we’ve found a band that absolutely fits that moniker.

Introducing: Unimagined

Theatrical metal is a fairly new genre to us, but if St Louis sextet Unimagined are anything to go by then we’re fully onboard with the concept. The band aren’t … Continue reading Introducing: Unimagined

New Band of the Week: I Am Pariah

Stoke-on-Trent trio I Am Pariah offer an intriguing metal-based catharsis to the frustrations of modern society. The band flirt between classic and modern metal sounds, with huge metal riffs and … Continue reading New Band of the Week: I Am Pariah

Introducing: Chasing Dragons

Leeds rockers Chasing Dragons have merged modern metal influences with those of days gone by in a sound they describe as “metal for today with one eye on the glorious past.” … Continue reading Introducing: Chasing Dragons

Introducing: Adalia

Not content with releasing a debut EP that crosses multiple musical boundaries, from deep, haunting ballads to more upbeat pop-punk infused rock, Crawley-based Adalia is also intent on offering a … Continue reading Introducing: Adalia

Introducing: Give ‘Em Hell, Kid

Virginia Beach rockers Give ‘Em Hell, Kid have honed a ridiculously infectious, and utterly unique sound of post-hardcore and metal fused with a southern drawl that’ll have you hooked. Hailing … Continue reading Introducing: Give ‘Em Hell, Kid

Introducing: Next To None

American rockers Next To None not only sound like Slipknot 2.0, they also carry the added intrigue of having former Dream Theatre and Avenged Sevenfold drummer Mike Portnoy’s extremely talented … Continue reading Introducing: Next To None

Introducing: Deadset Dream

When a rock legend of the ilk of Judas Priest frontman Rob Halford goes out of his way to champion a new band, you can rest assured that you’re dealing … Continue reading Introducing: Deadset Dream

New Band of the Week: Beneath The Embers

There’s few things better in music than metal bands that smash out huge, hooky riffs, which is exactly what we get in abundance from this week’s New Band of the … Continue reading New Band of the Week: Beneath The Embers