Room IV

Discover This: Room: IV

Channelling the sounds of classic hard rock and metal bands of decades gone by, Bolton-based Room: IV are a welcome reminder of no-frills, good old rock’n’roll.

Boy Scouts of Destruction

Discover This: Boy Scouts of Destruction

If the Boy Scouts dished out badges for rocking hard then Boulder, Colorado, band Boy Scouts of Destruction would be keeping their mums busing sewing for months. Or, more likely, they’d be too badass to be allowed into the Scouts full-stop.

Discover This: Some Kind of Liberty

Amid a Danish music scene dominated by pop music comes a bright new hope in the form of exciting emerging grunge rock quartet Some Kind Of Liberty.

Discover This: The Spiral Electric

It may appear somewhat of a broad brush statement that a psychedelic rock band is inspired by recreational drug taking but, in the case of San Francisco band The Spiral Electric, there’s nothing stereotypical about it.

Discover This: UNKNOWN

There’s a brilliant British TV comedy called Peep Show in which two of the main characters discuss starting a band called Various Artists “just to fuck over people with iPods.” And that kind of sneaky trick is, we assume, what Virginia band UNKNOWN was going for, as it took us bloody ages to find them on Spotify…