Discover This: A Sight In Veracity

Prepare to cast aside any preconceptions you might have of what ‘Christian music’ sounds like by exploring Australian Christian metalcore duo A Sight In Veracity.

Discover This: Steps of Odessa

Every now and again we come across a band that’s doing something completely different to anything else we’ve heard before. Florida’s Steps of Odessa are one such example, fusing intensely … Continue reading Discover This: Steps of Odessa

Discover This: Bipolar Architecture

The intriguingly named Bipolar Architecture hail from Berlin and Istanbul, which technically makes them only our second ever Turkish band. But they also come from an intriguing place musically, with three of their members having been a major part of the European death metal scene with previous band Heretic Soul.

GigRadio Episode 9: The Cosmic One

The latest episode of our GigRadio podcast features an interview with exciting electro-rock band Cosmic Ninja and loads of new music from great new British bands.


New Band of the Week: Clashmute

We’re unashamedly aware of the fact that we always bang on about how great the British metal scene is at the moment. But we only do so because there are so many great new metal bands out there to fuel it. The latest reminder of this is Manchester metalcore newcomers Clashmute.

Introducing: FRCTRD

A few weeks ago we gave you a taster of the savage tech-metal sound of French deathcore five-piece¬†FRCTRD, and we were so excited by their brutality that we followed it … Continue reading Introducing: FRCTRD

New Music Friday Round-Up: 2 November

Another week of exciting new music for you. This time around, we’ve got some really heavy stuff from some several awesome new British metal bands, some even heavier stuff from … Continue reading New Music Friday Round-Up: 2 November

New Music Friday Round-Up: 13 July

It’s Friday the 13th but we’re feeling pretty lucky as we’ve got a host of awesome new music to wrap our ears around. Here’s our latest instalment of the latest, … Continue reading New Music Friday Round-Up: 13 July