Discover This: Thump Whistle

Thump Whistle might seem like a bit of a random name for a band and… well… it is. That’s because the Pleasanton, California, quartet came up with the name using the Random Bandname Generator.

Boy Scouts of Destruction

Discover This: Boy Scouts of Destruction

If the Boy Scouts dished out badges for rocking hard then Boulder, Colorado, band Boy Scouts of Destruction would be keeping their mums busing sewing for months. Or, more likely, they’d be too badass to be allowed into the Scouts full-stop.

Dead Friends

Discover This: Dead Friends

Virginia Beach rockers Dead Friends aren’t ones to pussyfoot around their music with grandiose claims. As they tell us: “We just say ‘rock.’ If people ask us to elaborate we say ‘heavy rock.’ If that’s still not enough, we explain how heavy our rock is.”

New Band of the Week: The Stone Angels

Traditionally best-known for its seaside resorts and being the home of murder mystery goddess Agatha Christie, the south-west of England’s most mysterious secret may well be its growing rock underbelly. … Continue reading New Band of the Week: The Stone Angels