Introducing: The Ashley Sherlock Band

Manchester trio The Ashley Sherlock Band offer up a modern take on the blues and country songwriting styles of the American Deep South, with plenty of classic rock dynamics and delicious guitar solos for good measure.

Automatic Laughter

Introducing: Automatic Laughter

London-based synth rockers Automatic Laughter have honed a deliciously catchy raw, heavy yet ambient sound that they intriguingly describe as “the polar opposite to Dad rock.”

Introducing: Edited People

A background in music theory has fuelled the intriguing, unconventional and truly exciting sound of Leeds rockers Edited People. The quartet of Alisha Vickers (vocals), Josh Ellinor (guitar), Thomas Whitaker (bass) and Laura … Continue reading Introducing: Edited People

Introducing: Man Shaped Wolf

I love a band name that involves wolves, mainly from the time me and a few pals (admittedly drunkenly) came up with the pipedream of a band called We Were … Continue reading Introducing: Man Shaped Wolf