New Band of the Week: Bearers

One of the best – if not the best – things about music is the power it has to change the way you feel, both in the sound of the instrumentals and in the meaning of the lyrics. Glasgow newcomers Bearers are a perfect example of this, and it’s safe to say that their powerful yet engagingly melodic metal sound takes you through a cycle of emotions and feelings.

Introducing: Things That Need To Be Fixed

We’re going to chance our arm here and guess that you’ve not heard of too many German punk-rock bands, and almost certainly none as good as Munich five-piece Things That Need To Be Fixed.

New Band of the Week: Khaidian

London quartet Khaidian was born out of a vision to meld fury with technology and create something special that would push the boundaries of both metal and electronica to bring the world something different.

Introducing: Triumphant

When asked to think of Russian musicians I found myself stuggling, with the only names that spring to mind being Pussy Riot (more famous for feminist protests than good music) … Continue reading Introducing: Triumphant

Yashin reveal why they split and reflect on the good times

Scottish rockers Yashin have opened up on their decision to split after 10 years as a band, laying the blame on record label Sony for “changing” songs the band recorded for … Continue reading Yashin reveal why they split and reflect on the good times