Introducing: Abi Rose Kelly

Liverpool-based solo artist Abi Rose Kelly offers a no-nonsense, relatable slacker grunge and indie rock sound that she describes as “rustic, real and fresh.”

Enamel Animal

New Band of the Week: Enamel Animal

This week’s New Band of the Week is a little unusual given that we’d already featured the band after they’d changed their name and now they’ve changed their name back to the old name.

Mr Ted

New Band of the Week: Mr Ted

With Liverpool having been crowned Kings of Europe on Saturday, we thought we’d celebrate with an exciting new band from the Merseyside area. Mr Ted is the latest in a series of intriguing bands from the Liverpool area, the so-called “rise of Scrunge” that they relate to the Seattle grunge uprising of the 19080s and 90s.

New Band of the Week: Pet Virus

If you thought grunge died with Kurt Cobain in Seattle back in 1994 then how very wrong you were. The concept is very much alive and kicking, particularly up in … Continue reading New Band of the Week: Pet Virus

Introducing: Crapsons

Imagine two guys who spend their time acting like fools and getting drunk together then, during one of those boozy conversations listening to one of their favourite bands, decide to … Continue reading Introducing: Crapsons