Introducing: Antlerz

It’s not too often we feature a band before they have any music available to play you – in fact, we think this could be a first. But, given the sell that new London rap-rockers Antlerz gave us, we felt this one was worthwhile.

Discover This: Society Down

After 20 years away, Society Down have returned with a sound that fits nicely into the modern metal landscape yet also harks back to the genre’s 90s’ heydays. And, they’ve achieved something they couldn’t back in the day – create and release an album.

Addison Lane

New Band of the Week: Addison Lane

When asked how to describe their sound London-based newcomers Addison Lane bluntly retort “this will destroy you.” So don’t let their claim that their second single is their “slow and heavy” effort fool you into thinking that this is anything other than brilliantly brutal progressive metalcore.

Discover This: No Faith In Fortune

The pure aggression of metalcore is present in all its splendour in the intense, yet melodic, sound of Canadian six-piece No Faith In Fortune – which they have dubbed “progressive aggressive.”

Discover This: Oliver Marson

Forgive us for thinking we’ve temporarily stepped back into the 1980s, as we’ve just immersed ourselves in the world of emerging Guernsey solo artist Oliver Marson.