Discover This: Once Awake

Norwegian band Once Alive describe their intoxicating metal sound as “fast, groovy and brutal,” which sounds awesome but doesn’t even come close to doing justice to how good this band is.

Discover This: Panic Attack!

Make the mistake of Googling “Panic Attack! On The Train” and you’ll join us in being put off going within 100 yards of any public transport service again for the rest of your life. However, listening to Norwegian band Panic Attack!’s latest track On The Train is a far more pleasurable experience.


Introducing: Oberst

The thrilling sound of Norwegian band Oberst is epitomised by drummer Johan Fredrik Bolli’s summary of “proggy metal music, infused with hardcore attitude and post-metal emotion.” In short, there’s a hell of a lot going on, and there’s a hell of a lot to get excited about.

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Introducing: Naga Siren

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Introducing: Ondt Blod

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