Introducing: Antlerz

It’s not too often we feature a band before they have any music available to play you – in fact, we think this could be a first. But, given the sell that new London rap-rockers Antlerz gave us, we felt this one was worthwhile.

Discover This: UNKNOWN

There’s a brilliant British TV comedy called Peep Show in which two of the main characters discuss starting a band called Various Artists “just to fuck over people with iPods.” And that kind of sneaky trick is, we assume, what Virginia band UNKNOWN was going for, as it took us bloody ages to find them on Spotify…

New Band of the Week: Torchbearer

Prepare to be blown away by a new force in UK hardcore music that, in their own words, is set to become “a powerhouse that will send shockwaves through the music industry.”

Introducing: Black Coast

Expect big grooves aplenty as Stoke-on-Trent’s Black Coast unleash their second bout of aggressive metal tomorrow. As the band explain: “A lot of people tell us that our music makes … Continue reading Introducing: Black Coast

Introducing: Shattered Skies

When Shattered Skies describe their music to us as “bombastic” we suspect we’re onto something pretty special. And thankfully, the quartet’s progressive metal fuelled with cinematic atmosphere – which they … Continue reading Introducing: Shattered Skies

New Band of the Week: I Am Pariah

Stoke-on-Trent trio I Am Pariah offer an intriguing metal-based catharsis to the frustrations of modern society. The band flirt between classic and modern metal sounds, with huge metal riffs and … Continue reading New Band of the Week: I Am Pariah

New Band of the Week: Barbarian Hermit

With a name like this, how could we possibly not name Barbarian Hermit as our New Band of the Week? And when you hear their music, which they delightfully describe … Continue reading New Band of the Week: Barbarian Hermit

Introducing: THE WITHØUT

Fresh from the very north-west of the United States we’ve found something a bit special in the form of THE WITHØUT. The band has honed a sound that crosses the boundaries of multiple elements … Continue reading Introducing: THE WITHØUT