Introducing: The Clockworks

Irish quartet The Clockworks have mastered the art of rolling relatable stories and colloquial tales into engaging, high-energy rocky post-punk anthems.

Introducing: Bitch Falcon

Irish trio Bitch Falcon not only have an eye-catching name but an intoxicating brand of diverse, unconventional post-punky rock that’ll also stick with you. Indeed, it’s a sound that they intriguingly describe to us as “heavy but melodic, aggressive, melancholic wave.”


New Band of the Week: Web

Fareham band Web were introduced to us as “Portsmouth’s latest and most aggressive post-punk band,” which had us all ears. The quartet have honed an intriguing sound that fuses a little bit of everything from experimental post-punk to grunge and heavy noise rock as they endeavour to work on “more interesting song structures.”

New Band of the Week: Mr Wu’s Pigs

From just about the most south-eastern town in England comes an engaging punky grungey sound that could easily have dropped out of the US west coast in the early 1990s. … Continue reading New Band of the Week: Mr Wu’s Pigs