Broken Girls From Affluent Backgrounds

Discover This: Broken Girls From Affluent Backgrounds

As far as eye-catching band names go, Broken Girls From Affluent Backgrounds is right up there with our favourites. And our intrigue was only deepened by the first words out of their mouths being “We’re the four horsemen of the sonic apocalypse – bringing beautiful chaos to the musical landscape.”

Introducing: Oceans Over Alderaan

Another GigRadar first today as we introduce you to a band named after a Star Wars reference, in Blackpool’s Oceans Over Alderaan – a fictional planet in the popular sci-fi … Continue reading Introducing: Oceans Over Alderaan

New Band of the Week: Better Than Mending

For anyone who, like me, grew up on the old-school emo and post-hardcore sounds of the early 2000s, we may just have found you a nostalgic new favourite band.

Introducing: Atlas : Empire and their intriguing tech-themed concept album

In addition to an exciting alt-rock meets post-rock sound Glasgow’s Atlas : Empire have deepened the intrigue with a concept album focusing on the human race’s growing reliance on technology.