Discover This: Carina T

Not content with the pretty impressive feat of being a PhD-level psychologist and lecturer on mental health issues at a London University, Carina T has more recently begun to master … Continue reading Discover This: Carina T

Discover This: Haider Riaz

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Introducing: Voices From The Fuselage

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Introducing: Tiger Mimic

Today is an exciting day as, in two years of running GigRadar, I had yet to interview any band that included someone with the surname as me. But now the … Continue reading Introducing: Tiger Mimic

Introducing: Flawless Carbon

“P!nk is completely badass and stands up fully for what she believes in and she doesn’t care an inch what anybody thinks of her,” says Flawless Carbon’s frontwoman, Lauren Diamond. … Continue reading Introducing: Flawless Carbon

Introducing: Dividium

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Introducing: Greyhaven

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Introducing: Adalia

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Introducing: Aaron Buchanan & The Cult Classics

It’s often said that a change does you the world of good and Aaron Buchanan is testament to that old adage. The singer is taking it to the next level … Continue reading Introducing: Aaron Buchanan & The Cult Classics