The Fangs of the Dodo

Discover This: The Fangs Of The Dodo

With Halloween around the corner, you’d be wise to be wary of all things nightmarish and villainous coming your way. But we fully recommend you allow Bath band The Fangs Of The Dodo to guide you through their dystopian fairground of ghoulish monstrosity.


New Band of the Week: PINUP

We first met London-based rock trio supporting The Dead XIII and our pals in City of Ashes back in late 2017. At that time they’d just released debut single Teeth, but they’ve since established a name for themselves with their energetic live show before releasing their debut EP in February.

Automatic Laughter

Introducing: Automatic Laughter

London-based synth rockers Automatic Laughter have honed a deliciously catchy raw, heavy yet ambient sound that they intriguingly describe as “the polar opposite to Dad rock.”

Introducing: Revolvers

London rockers Revolvers bring us an intriguing modern indie rock sound that offers undertones of the 60s and 70s, which they describe as “loud, heartfelt and glorious.”

EP Review: Phoxjaw – Goodbye Dinosaur…

Back in April, we made Bristol noise makers Phoxjaw our New Band of the Week. We were firmly of the opinion that they were right up there as one of the … Continue reading EP Review: Phoxjaw – Goodbye Dinosaur…