Discover This: Apache Rose

We’ve received a steady stream of strong new rock music out of Russia recently, but exciting new band Apache Rose may well eclipse the lot of them.

Discover This: Invisible Joe & The Mushroom Gorilla

Fusing rock and metal backgrounds with vocals honed in more of a traditional, stage musical environment sees German rockers Invisible Joe & The Mushroom Gorilla offer up a sound that’s … Continue reading Discover This: Invisible Joe & The Mushroom Gorilla

Cleo Alexandra

Introducing: Cleo Alexandra

Australia’s track record for rock singer-songwriters could be about to change with the emergence of Cleo Alexandra, whose style has been aptly described as a ‘grungy rock version of Rihanna.’

Introducing: Man Shaped Wolf

I love a band name that involves wolves, mainly from the time me and a few pals (admittedly drunkenly) came up with the pipedream of a band called We Were … Continue reading Introducing: Man Shaped Wolf

New Band of the Week: BERRIES

The first thing I noticed about London-based trio BERRIES was the distinctive voice of lead vocalist Holly, who sounds more than similar to Jack Off Jill frontwoman Jessicka Addams. Not … Continue reading New Band of the Week: BERRIES

Introducing: Crimson Star

Sit back if you will and envisage Birmingham trio Crimson Star‘s description of their hard-hitting rock sound as “the kind of music you need when driving a beautiful car, extremely … Continue reading Introducing: Crimson Star

Introducing: Hypophora

South West rockers Hypophora are a refreshing throwback to intricate guitar music of the 90s, fusing funky guitar riffs with hard-hitting catchy choruses led by the powerful, anthemic vocals of … Continue reading Introducing: Hypophora