GigRadio Podcast Episode 3: Sir Curse in Chiang Mai

We’re back with another episode of our brand new podcast, GigRadio. This episode sees us chat to Leeds alternative rockers Sir Curse about their brand new single Graphite and their intriguing musical influences.

Mr Ted

New Band of the Week: Mr Ted

With Liverpool having been crowned Kings of Europe on Saturday, we thought we’d celebrate with an exciting new band from the Merseyside area. Mr Ted is the latest in a series of intriguing bands from the Liverpool area, the so-called “rise of Scrunge” that they relate to the Seattle grunge uprising of the 19080s and 90s.

Society of Losers Records

Guest Blog: Society of Losers Records

We invited Krystian Hudson, co-founder of Society of Losers Records, to inspire you with his tale of founding and establishing an independent record label.

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