Introducing: Empty Friend

London band Empty Friend’s approach of “doing things the old way, the hard way,” has fuelled a raw, grungey hard rock sound dominated by big melodic vocals and heavy riffing.

Discover This: Danger Barry

ennsylvania band Danger Barry – which is an awesome band name – tell us that they’re heavily involved in the “student house show scene” at Penn State – which sounds interesting, if not dangerous and, most likely, very messy.

Introducing: Matt Mitchell & The Coldhearts

Sussex songwriter Matt Mitchell is embarking upon an exciting, long-awaited solo project, which sees him joined by his band The Coldhearts. It’s safe to say that Matt has had a … Continue reading Introducing: Matt Mitchell & The Coldhearts

Introducing: Edited People

A background in music theory has fuelled the intriguing, unconventional and truly exciting sound of Leeds rockers Edited People. The quartet of Alisha Vickers (vocals), Josh Ellinor (guitar), Thomas Whitaker (bass) and Laura … Continue reading Introducing: Edited People

Introducing: Superfecta

London’s Superfecta are a hard rock band that pride themselves on doing things a little differently. They’ve honed an infectious sound that fleets between dirty grunge and hard-hitting metal, all fused … Continue reading Introducing: Superfecta

Record Store Day UK announces limited edition releases available on 21 April

The annual day of celebration for the UK’s rich array of independent music stores is almost upon us. With Record Store Day UK (RSD) little over a month away, its … Continue reading Record Store Day UK announces limited edition releases available on 21 April

Introducing: Hypophora

South West rockers Hypophora are a refreshing throwback to intricate guitar music of the 90s, fusing funky guitar riffs with hard-hitting catchy choruses led by the powerful, anthemic vocals of … Continue reading Introducing: Hypophora

Introducing: Mullen

One of the most enjoyable things about music is when the fruits of musicians’ labours have a positive impact upon their listeners and potentially society as a whole. When musicians … Continue reading Introducing: Mullen