Dead Friends

Discover This: Dead Friends

Virginia Beach rockers Dead Friends aren’t ones to pussyfoot around their music with grandiose claims. As they tell us: “We just say ‘rock.’ If people ask us to elaborate we say ‘heavy rock.’ If that’s still not enough, we explain how heavy our rock is.”


Introducing: MILK

From the crimes of the Catholic church and the corrupt moral landscape to mad alternate realities – if you happen to be a Catholic priest, look away now, but for everyone else, prepare to be highly entertained by Welsh rock trio MILK.

Introducing: Revolvers

London rockers Revolvers bring us an intriguing modern indie rock sound that offers undertones of the 60s and 70s, which they describe as “loud, heartfelt and glorious.”

Introducing: Lexytron

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Introducing: Tiger Mimic

Today is an exciting day as, in two years of running GigRadar, I had yet to interview any band that included someone with the surname as me. But now the … Continue reading Introducing: Tiger Mimic