Introducing: Reminders

Expect earworms aplenty with the thrilling sound of exciting up-and-coming Isle of Wight trio Reminders’ big and bold, catchy and hooky ‘beach punk’ sound.

Discover This: The Spiral Electric

It may appear somewhat of a broad brush statement that a psychedelic rock band is inspired by recreational drug taking but, in the case of San Francisco band The Spiral Electric, there’s nothing stereotypical about it.

Introducing: The Nightmares

Ease back in your chair, strap your headphones on, close your eyes and ease yourself into the synth-driven, emotively dark yet catchy world of The Nightmares. The Newport, South Wales … Continue reading Introducing: The Nightmares

New Band of the Week: Kaiber Koi

Manchester’s Kaiber Koi are far from your run-of-the-mill progressive metal band, promising an ethos of ‘breaking down the boundaries that lie between the generic and oversaturated.’

Introducing: Oceans Over Alderaan

Another GigRadar first today as we introduce you to a band named after a Star Wars reference, in Blackpool’s Oceans Over Alderaan – a fictional planet in the popular sci-fi … Continue reading Introducing: Oceans Over Alderaan

New Band of the Week: The Breaks

We’ve heard some interesting reasons for people kicking off their music careers, but the strangest yet has to be Alastair Shaw telling us he joined a band because his ex-girlfriend … Continue reading New Band of the Week: The Breaks

Record Store Day UK announces limited edition releases available on 21 April

The annual day of celebration for the UK’s rich array of independent music stores is almost upon us. With Record Store Day UK (RSD) little over a month away, its … Continue reading Record Store Day UK announces limited edition releases available on 21 April

New Band of the Week: Grumble Bee

We say band but, well, Grumble Bee is not a band. It’s a man, called Jack, who writes as a solo artist that looks and sounds like a big rock … Continue reading New Band of the Week: Grumble Bee

Introducing: Salvation Jayne

Kent rockers Salvation Jayne have honed an excitingly eclectic sound of effortlessly cool indie rock and absolutely filthy guitars under the deliciously hard-hitting vocals of Chess Smith. They initially formed … Continue reading Introducing: Salvation Jayne

Introducing: Brightlight City

A lot of bands will tell you they’re built on friendship and brotherhood, but Surrey rockers Brightlight City probably have a better claim to this than most. Not only are … Continue reading Introducing: Brightlight City