Introducing: Kick Up The Fire

With a name like Kick Up The Fire, you expect a band to have a bit about them – and the London garage punk trio that assumed this moniker most certainly do.

Introducing: Midnight Embargo

A chance discovery of a man selling a second-hand Korg synthesiser on a street corner has inspired the synthy rock sound of East London newcomers Midnight Embargo. Indeed, as frontman … Continue reading Introducing: Midnight Embargo

New Band of the Week: The Breaks

We’ve heard some interesting reasons for people kicking off their music careers, but the strangest yet has to be Alastair Shaw telling us he joined a band because his ex-girlfriend … Continue reading New Band of the Week: The Breaks

Introducing: New Chums

If you love energetic, catchy, riff-heavy indie infused rock then Phoenix quartet New Chums will tick all your boxes. The quartet have honed a sound that exudes the sunny California vibes, … Continue reading Introducing: New Chums