Discover This: Skitz NPCs

We’re not really sure where to begin when Newcastle, Australia, duo Skitz NPCs regularly refer to themselves as “the Semen Wizards.” Do wizards conjure up semen-based spells? Frankly, we think we’d be safer never finding out.

Discover This: TreBell08

We’ve covered a few exciting young musicians over the last few years, but 12-year-old metal guitarist TreBell08 is easily the youngest. Furthermore, the young Canadian believes he’s part of a thrilling new generation of metal musicians with the world at the fingertips.

Salt Hill

New Band of the Week: Salt Hill

Having eased people into their alternative-rock meets metal sound with their debut EP, Merseyside/Chesire rockers Salt Hill have ripped the lid off their experimental edge with their superb new single Summit.

Discover This: Some Kind of Liberty

Amid a Danish music scene dominated by pop music comes a bright new hope in the form of exciting emerging grunge rock quartet Some Kind Of Liberty.

Discover This: Hymns for the Angels

Get some instrumental rock into your life with the intriguing Boston-based Hymns for the Angels. The band is the fruits of the labour of one-man-band Dan Lyons, who released the … Continue reading Discover This: Hymns for the Angels

New Band of the Week: Kaiber Koi

Manchester’s Kaiber Koi are far from your run-of-the-mill progressive metal band, promising an ethos of ‘breaking down the boundaries that lie between the generic and oversaturated.’

Introducing: Brass Against

Imagine the world’s greatest politically charged protest songs, pop the edgy, powerful vocals of Sophie Urista and delicious brass instruments over the top, and you have Brooklyn’s Brass Against. The … Continue reading Introducing: Brass Against

New Band of the Week: Barbarian Hermit

With a name like this, how could we possibly not name Barbarian Hermit as our New Band of the Week? And when you hear their music, which they delightfully describe … Continue reading New Band of the Week: Barbarian Hermit

Introducing: Crimson Star

Sit back if you will and envisage Birmingham trio Crimson Star‘s description of their hard-hitting rock sound as “the kind of music you need when driving a beautiful car, extremely … Continue reading Introducing: Crimson Star