Introducing: The Slime

In the west end of Toronto, a congealed mess of discordant sound, disparate musical influences and disturbed ramblings is lurking, waiting for its opportunity to corrupt innocent minds. This thrashing punk-laced cut of the rarest hardcore is more commonly known as The Slime.

Discover This: TreBell08

We’ve covered a few exciting young musicians over the last few years, but 12-year-old metal guitarist TreBell08 is easily the youngest. Furthermore, the young Canadian believes he’s part of a thrilling new generation of metal musicians with the world at the fingertips.

Introducing: Excuses Excuses

Not content with crafting an engaging punk meets rock sound that they describe as “passionate, explosive and empowering,” Canada’s Excuses Excuses are also on a mission to make the modern society we … Continue reading Introducing: Excuses Excuses