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GigRadar Fresh Tunes: Our New Music Friday Spotify Playlist Is Back!

We thought it was high time we revived our Fresh Tunes Spotify playlist, which collates up to 30 of our favourite new tracks from some of our favourite new rock and metal bands.

Introducing: Wires

Hungarian newcomers Wires offer up a vicious and intense industrial metalcore sound that they summarise as “anger, discomfort and most certainly frustration.” Intriguingly, the band is big on experimentation and uses electronics and, specifically, analog synths to finetune their unique industrial sound.

Introducing: Wolvera

Texas band Wolvera aim to leave an impression on people that hear the metal sound they describe as “powerful, creative, and deep.” And it’s safe to say their attempts to modernise everything that was good about 1980s heavy metal – namely chugging riffs, vicious vocals, searing solos and powerful rhythms – are pretty memorable.

Introducing: Vented

The late 1990s and early 2000s were my formative years getting into metal, so when we heard about a brand new supergroup resurrecting the finest era of groove metal and bringing “the new, new, new wave of American heavy metal,” it’s safe to say we were pretty excited.

Introducing: Dirty Rivals

There’s probably not too many cooler places to be in a rock band than Florida. And South Florida band Dirty Rivals absolutely ooze in coolness with their high-energy hard rock meets alternative rock with drizzles of indie influences.

New Band of the Week: We Are Many We Are Legion

There aren’t too many people whose idea of a dream band is a Slipknot-esque collective backed by a horn section – even this writer, who grew up as a trumpet player. But that’s exactly what we get from intriguing new band We Are Many We Are Legion, who describe their fusion of metal and brass as “challenging, uncomfortable and melodic.”