Get your new music fix with GigRadar Fresh Tunes

We love a new music playlist here at GigRadar Towers. In fact, playlists like Discover Weekly and New Blood are one of our key resources for finding new bands to interview, so if you haven’t hit subscribe on those then you’re missing out.

That said, we’d prefer you to subscribe to our new music playlist GigRadar Fresh Tunes, which we started back in June. Every week, we add a batch of new songs from new bands all over the world, some of which we’ve previously covered on the website but others that are even brand new to us.

This week’s update is one of our biggest, with no fewer than 30 new tracks. It features several of our former New Bands of the Week, including the latest single from the mighty As Smoke Clears – which features one of the best riffs we’ve heard in quite some time, and another track from Stands on Sapphires’ debut album. It also features new tracks from bands in Australia, Finland, Greece, Sweden and plenty of UK and US bands.

We think the playlist a good resource for keeping up to date on new music from bands, and a fun way of getting the latest releases into your earholes.

So, if you like new music, enjoy discovering new rock, metal and punk bands, and want an easy way of keeping up to date on the latest tracks they’ve released, then get involved and subscribe!

You can listen and subscribe to the playlist via the link below, or here.

You can stay up to date with new bands from all over the world by subscribing to GigRadar, or following us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. And if you’re a new band with new music and you want to be featured on GigRadar then submit your music here.

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