Rob, our Editor and Founder, packed in his day job and packed his two rucksacks in order to travel around the world for a year. Follow his travelling exploits in this – hopefully entertaining – blog series.

We’ll bring you regular updates of life and cultures around the world on Rob’s way around the world – which begin in South America. We’ll aim to make it light-hearted, with the aim of not boring you with details of where we went and what we did.

These exploits see us bring the aim of GigRadar Goes Global truly to life by exploring musical cultures, musical tastes and gigs around the world.

Big shout out here to the awesome travel firm Remote Year for making this dream of seeing the world a possibility.

Lima Seafront

Remote Year Month 2 – Lima: Grey But Great!

Month two of Remote Year took us to Lima, the capital city of Peru, which saw us encounter some debatable weather, another dodgy political situation, illness, mad roads, good food, and a disparate group dynamic.

Views, Pesos, Booze and no Paper in the Loos – Santiago Week 1

Last Saturday (24 August) I packed my bags and swapped life in the UK for what will (hopefully) be one year of travelling around the world.