New Band of the Week: Tirade

Manchester-based Tirade are on the verge of haranguing your ears with a superb barrage of punk rock. The punk quartet are on the verge of releasing their debut EP, which is a fun, energetic and heavily riffy introduction to the band.

The quarter of lead singer and bassist Jake Tilley, guitarist and backing vocalists Josh Pearl and Alex Young, and Stevo Somerset on drums have been together for nearly two years. They met at university in Manchester, but individually they are all very exotic, hailing from the likes of Essex, Southampton and Warrington.

The upcoming Self-Titled EP gives us seven tracks of enjoyable punk rock. It opens up in style with heavy punk rock track Snakes and Social Ladders, with low-tuned punky riffs supporting fun singalong lyrics, while the brilliantly titled Knives In Your Eyes follows the theme with edgy, guitar-led rockiness.

If there’s one song that sums this band up then it’s We’re Having Fun. The song title couldn’t be more apt and the feel of the song is equally so. It’s catchy, punky and it’s been stuck in my head all morning! Check out the video here:


They’re a band that loves an interesting song title, with next up Travel Agent for Guilt Trips launches straight into a ‘tirade’ of big drums, heavy bass and driving riffs supporting fast-paced vocals. Then Optimism opens up with a great little guitar riff before dropping the pace a notch with a drawn out, relaxed opening verse that slowly builds and drops into life with a funky punk chorus.

Final track The World Isn’t On Your Side sees the EP come to a superb ending with a perfect combination of big, low-tuned guitar riffs, heavy bass and punky singalong lyrics, with a fun, heavy musical breakdown before the final chorus.

Speaking of their music, the band said: “We all have a love for making music that we would want to hear, and we are all into different genres, so when we started writing music together it worked because all of our different influences were being put into the songs we were writing.

“There were loads of musicians at university that we all played with, but when we played together as a four it just clicked. We love being a band together as we are all best mates and we get to write music that we find really interesting and fun to play!”

The band describe themselves as ‘fun, riffy and cool,’ which is pretty much bang on. They take influence from a whole range of alternative bands, from Lower Than Atlantis and Press To Meco to Don Broco and Reuben, and individually have been inspired by everything from Periphery to Chunk! No Captain Chunk!

They told us: “We really put a lot of effort into making our instrumentals as interesting as possible with the sound we are going for. I’d define us as a load of guys that overthink WAY too much but then have a lot of fun while doing so.

“Our lyrics are always things that have happened, bad things, good things, sad things, weird things…it means the songs (even if they’re not the emotional ones) have a lot of meaning behind them, it’s quite cool to have an EP coming out that is full of songs that pretty much tell the story of the past year of being a band.”

The band is hoping to record even more new music in the new year. They’ve just finished supporting SHVPES and Press To Meco – which they say was “awesome, lovely guys.” They are playing a big all-day festival in Manchester called ‘Sonder Festival’ in the Northern Quarter and also have an EP release show at AATMA in Manchester, on 27th November.

Speaking of being on tour, they told us: “On the first night of our first UK tour, we had just played in Swansea and were too tired to get back to Manchester, so we slept in Alex’s Renault Clio in a service station and it was possibly the smelliest, most uncomfortable thing we have ever done; but it was a good experience!

“We want to keep doing what we are doing, there is nothing more fun for all of us than being in a band. We love our music and we hope to be able to bring it to a big audience of people that will hopefully love it too. Musically, we are already writing new songs that have our sound, but are a lot more dynamic and fun to play and listen to!”

Away from the music the Tirade guys are also huge gamers. For what it’s worth they told us: “Battlefield 1 is REALLY good, definitely go and get that; the hardest thing about being on the road is not being able to play Xbox… but Jake has just bought a Nintendo DS so he will be sorted for tour!”

Tirade are a band with a hell of a lot going for them and they seem set for much bigger and better things. They’re fun, cool and make exciting, enjoyable and engaging music that will instantly put you in a good mood.

Follow Tirade on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook and keep your eyes out for their debut EP, which is out on 25th November and is available for pre-order on BandCamp.

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