Discover This: Playoffs

Get your fix of catchy punk-fused pop-rock with New York newcomers Playoffs. The band is the work of New York musician Brendan Jones, who left his blues-focused previous band to unleash his punky rock tendencies on the world.

Discover This: Lurker In Light

We love to tick new countries off the new music map and today we’re able to add Romania to this fairly lengthy list. Our first taste of Romanian music is the intriguingly dark and heavy yet deliciously catchy sound of Cluj-Napoca band Lurker In Light.

Standing Like Statues

New Band of the Week: Standing Like Statues

This week’s New Band of the Week is a band I’ve been aware of from a distance for some time. The band have been through some thrills and spills, including even a spell where there wasn’t a band, but I’m delighted they are back together and better than ever.

Boy Scouts of Destruction

Discover This: Boy Scouts of Destruction

If the Boy Scouts dished out badges for rocking hard then Boulder, Colorado, band Boy Scouts of Destruction would be keeping their mums busing sewing for months. Or, more likely, they’d be too badass to be allowed into the Scouts full-stop.

Discover This: Shepherds Reign

The tag of unique is thrown around far too easily not just in music but in all areas of our lives. But in South Auckland’s Shepherds Reign we think we’ve found a band that absolutely fits that moniker.