Discover This: Wyrmhaven

We’ve come to realise that Arizona is somewhat of a haven for awesome metal bands and we’ve unearthed another in the form of deathcore meets melodic metal newcomers Wyrmhaven.

Discover This: Devil In Disguise

Yesterday, we brought you a Russian band who attest to create the Devil’s music, and today we’re bringing you a Baltimore band called Devil In Disguise. Despite that, we promise you that the enforced lockdown hasn’t suddenly transformed us into Satan worshippers!

Introducing: Hemmera

Until now, we’ve only ever covered one band from Brazil and no metal bands from the country. However, Ponta Grossa newcomers Hemmera have well and truly put the nation’s scene on our map with their intoxicating fusion of metal, electronica, trance and orchestral elements, plus the contrast of screamed vocals and melodic choruses.

Discover This: Blossom Cult

Exciting new German band Blossom Cult are on a mission to provide a safe retreat for those who feel trapped in the torn society we find ourselves inhabiting. They’ve honed an intriguing sound that’s rooted in metalcore with elements of progressive rock and more.