GigRadar Fresh Tunes: Our New Music Friday Spotify Playlist Is Back!

We thought it was high time we revived our Fresh Tunes Spotify playlist, which collates up to 30 of our favourite new tracks from some of our favourite new rock and metal bands.

Introducing: Dirty Rivals

There’s probably not too many cooler places to be in a rock band than Florida. And South Florida band Dirty Rivals absolutely ooze in coolness with their high-energy hard rock meets alternative rock with drizzles of indie influences.

Guest Blog: Tough Sounds – Iran’s First Metal Label

We delve into the “dark facts” of being a metal musician in Iran by interviewing the founder of Iran’s first metal label Tough Sounds.

New Band of the Week: Preacher

You probably don’t expect your friendly neighbourhood preacher to come at you kicking and screaming with rock’n’roll swagger, unless it’s one of those nutty preacher dudes in America. But that’s exactly what you get from Brighton newcomers Preacher.