Introducing: BrandiWyne

Washington singer BrandiWyne has honed a catchy bluesy pop-rock sound with which she strives to tell a story while being “melodic and evolving.”

Introducing: The iBand

When a band describes their music as “transcendent, hybrid and elevational” our interest is immediately piqued. And that was only fuelled by the intriguingly named The iBand telling us they are also aiming to become “the first all-internet super-group.”

New GigRadio Episode! The One In Kyoto…

Nicely in time for the weekend, we have a new offering of new rock and metal for you to feast your ears upon with the fourth episode of our podcast GigRadio.

Enamel Animal

New Band of the Week: Enamel Animal

This week’s New Band of the Week is a little unusual given that we’d already featured the band after they’d changed their name and now they’ve changed their name back to the old name.