New Band of the Week: Broozer

There seems to be a strange disdain from some parts for bands formed of just two members. That’s pretty hard to understand when it comes to a duo like Broozer, who refuse to conform to one genre and are more than happy to mix things up from song to song.

New Band of the Week: Kicked In The Teeth

Nothing quite shakes off the Monday morning blues than a fix of energetic, frenetic, fast-paced hardcore punk. So expect fun, energetic, enthusiastic punk laced with metal influences from the exciting sound of Northwich’s Kicked In The Teeth.

Foxbite band photo

New Band of the Week: Foxbite

Herefordshire newcomers Foxbite have combined elements of emo, pop-punk and alternative rock to form a hard-hitting but engaging fresh sound, which they describe as “sad, loud and shiny.”