Discover This: Deathcrush

Fusing elements of black metal, noise rock and grunge with Eurodance and 90s R’n’B is probably about eclectic and random as music gets. But somehow, Norwegian band Deathcrush make it work in a way that is loud, brash and angsty yet beautiful.

Discover This: Some Kind of Liberty

Amid a Danish music scene dominated by pop music comes a bright new hope in the form of exciting emerging grunge rock quartet Some Kind Of Liberty.

Mr Ted

New Band of the Week: Mr Ted

With Liverpool having been crowned Kings of Europe on Saturday, we thought we’d celebrate with an exciting new band from the Merseyside area. Mr Ted is the latest in a series of intriguing bands from the Liverpool area, the so-called “rise of Scrunge” that they relate to the Seattle grunge uprising of the 19080s and 90s.