New Band of the Week: Less Than Hollow

Our final New Band of the Week of 2021 brings the year to a deliciously catchy, grungey conclusion with the thrilling sound of new post-grunge meets alt-rock trio Less Than Hollow.

The band’s members come from Manchester, in north-west England, London and Grays, in Essex just east of London. But they are headed up by a familiar face to us here at GigRadar in Adam Jerome, who previously headed up another former New Band of the Week, Colt48.

Adam describes the new band’s music as: “Catchy American / Canadian style rock with very relatable lyrics about the ups and downs of love and life in general. I should say that anyone who digs thick guitars, beefy drums and catchy choruses will love what we do.”

And he’s not wrong, as Less Than Hollow offer up engaging vocals supported by big chunky guitar riffs and pounding rhythms in their infectiously grungey sound.

Our latest taste of this is the band’s debut self-titled EP, which was released 10 days ago. The EP opens up with their debut single Critical, which kicks things off with a smash of heavy guitars that drop into an engaging opening verse. That builds up to a big singalong chorus “Forget you, Your critical views, You want it all it seems, You’ll get nothing from me,” which extends second time with the additional lyrics “Looks like you’re along for the ride, No-one invited you, Forget your critical views.” That flows straight back into another huge chorus, which brings the track to a big conclusion.

That’s followed by the more anthemic How Can I Live?, which sounds like it stepped right out of the 90s grunge movement and features a typically catchy chorus that we guarantee you’ll be singing along to immediately.

Big crushing guitars open up Disappointed then drop into an intense opening verse of engaging vocals supported by chunky guitar chords. It feeds into another singalong chorus “I’m not angry, I’m just disappointed, I’m not upset, I can’t ignore it.” A second chorus drops into a delicious little guitar breakdown of heavy chords into diving notes, and swiftly leads into a final blast of the chorus.


The pace drops a little with For You, with a light verse leading into a big singalong chorus that embodies the power and intensity that this trio offer in spades. Then Fade opens up with a crushing opening section of heavy chords and driving drums, which drop into a moody opening verse. A brief chorus drops into another brooding verse, which gives way to an extended chorus – which epitomises the band’s uncanny knack for writing big hooky choruses that you feel like you already know and automatically sing along to.

The EP closes out with The Better Man, which dives straight into a delicious chord sequence and drops into an angsty verse supported by palm-muted guitars. That gives way to a typically feisty chorus which, second time around, gives way to chunky guitar chords that feed into a final blast of the chorus.

It probably won’t surprise you to learn that Less Than Hollow have taken influence from the grunge and rock era of the 1990s. As Adam explains: “I’ve always been a massive Metallica and Nirvana fan, however, I grew with loads of other bands like Seether, Crossfade, Nickelback, Puddle of Mudd etc…

“But strangely enough, we have tuned to a lower key than most of these bands use as it suits my voice. And we’ve also taken influence from modern rap song structures, keeping our songs deliberately short.”

And in terms of what influences them to write music, Adam adds: “I would say the lyrics have been about day-to-day struggles we all go through. Whether that be friendships falling apart, the loss of someone important to you or the feelings of love itself.”

If you like what you hear from Less Then Hollow then the good news is there’s plenty more to come from them. Adam tells us they’ve been busy recording new music not only for next year but also for release in 2023! They’ve also been busy rehearsing for their first proper live gig, which is at the Black Heart in Camden, London, on 18 March with support from Feral Sun and 10Gauge. And they’re on the lookout for more shows and tours, so expect to see them at a venue near you soon!

You can follow Less Than Hollow on Facebook and Instagram, follow Adam’s record label Norman Tone Records on Twitter, and check out their music on Spotify, Apple Music, Soundcloud and Deezer.

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