I Fight Fail

Introducing: I Fight Fail

We’re always suckers for a bit of old-school emo, but when a band goes full-on emo and covers our favourite Taking Back Sunday song well… we felt obliged to find out more about Ohio trio I Fight Fail.

Discover This: Holmstrum

Surprise by location, surprise by sound. Surprise, Arizona, quartet Holmstrum fuse pop-punk and alt-rock with elements of metalcore and overtly emo lyrics to form a fascinatingly diverse sound that varies from track to track.

Discover This: Selfish Things

Having formed my musical tastes in the early 2000s I’m a sucker for anything emotionally charged and full of edgy rocky angst. So it should come as no surprise that the sound of Canadian emo-rockers Selfish Things is right up my street.

Foxbite band photo

New Band of the Week: Foxbite

Herefordshire newcomers Foxbite have combined elements of emo, pop-punk and alternative rock to form a hard-hitting but engaging fresh sound, which they describe as “sad, loud and shiny.”

Introducing: My Dinosaur Life

If My Dinosaur Life sounds familiar then no, you’re not going mad, these Italian rockers were so inspired by the Motion City Soundtrack album that they borrowed its title as … Continue reading Introducing: My Dinosaur Life

Introducing: Øff Guard

Pop punk quintet Øff Guard peaked our interest when they described their intriguingly catchy sound as “intricate emo rock’n’roll.” These may not be the most natural musical genre bedfellows, but … Continue reading Introducing: Øff Guard