Single Review: The One Hundred – Dark Matters

A band that claims to be “the new breed, the new generation” in their first song on their debut EP has a lot to live up to. But London’s The One Hundred back that claim up in abundance, and are all set to be one of the hottest bands around in 2017.

The four piece’s unique electr0-metal meets rap sound fuses huge rock riffs and massive drums, Jacob Field’s excellent vocals and lyrics, and all manner of crazy synth noises. They ooze energy and their refreshing, addictive sound places them absolutely at the forefront of a new generation of music – think Enter Shikari with an extra double hit of caffeine.

The good news is they’re close to releasing a follow-up to awesome debut EP Subculture, and have just released the first track from that second offering, Dark Matters.

The track opens up in unusually quiet style, with synthy noise supporting Field as he spits out a first verse, then a pre-chorus that suggests something huge is coming. A big scream of “the arrow has left the bow” cuts through the silence as we’re launched into a chorus that sees the song burst into life. The quieter verse returns with Field’s fast-paced rapped lyrics supported by bassier synth and a repeat of the big chorus. In typical The One Hundred style the lyrics are awesome, the choruses are massive and this is a great track to introduce us to what’s coming in their second EP later this year.

If you haven’t listened to their debut effort Subculture yet then do yourself, and your ears, a favour and get involved. The awesome Breed is as fine an introductory song as you could wish to hear, with break-neck verses and the epic intro lyrics: “We can bring back the party, the life and the soul like it’s 1990, We.. while the lifestyle changes we’re bringing it back to stay, Get drunk get crunk this is what we do, If you don’t like this.. fuck you, We are the new breed, the new generation.”

Dark Matters is available here, and you can get hold of Subculture on MusicGlue and iTunes. And follow The One Hundred on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

The One Hundred are also touring across the country to support the EP launch with support from the excellent Massmatiks. This promises to be one hell of a tour, and it kicks off on 1 May in Southampton. Details of all the gigs are here.

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