New Music Friday Round-Up: 9 November

On the day a metal band, who we’re not going to publicly out, released a Christmas song, we totally ignore the fact that Christmas is seven weeks away and give you some deliciously good rock and metal tunes to enjoy instead.

This week we’ve got a couple of new EPs from British metal bands, new music from three of our former New Bands of the Week, new albums from two exciting British bands, a new single from a new British rock prospect, and a new video from an Aussie band about to spread their cult to the UK, and a fun live video from Ireland’s heavy finest. Read on, turn the volume up, and enjoy!

Arkdown – The Calling (EP)

No messing about this week, let’s dive straight into the heavy stuff. Fittingly, the Sheffield outfit – our New Band of the Week last February – open up their second EP with a track called Wake Up. And it does just that, launching straight into a mass of chugging guitars over huge drums, then a wild scream launches us into a savage opening verse. Huge cries of “Wake up, rise up” come in over eerie backing instrumentals, then a huge blood-curdling scream ends the chorus alongside huge doomy guitars and synth sounds. It’s an epic opening. Check it out in the video below.

Then It Calls Me opens up with a gradually building guitar that explodes into an awesome fast-paced riff under huge screamed vocals. High-pitched guitars kick in alongside huge pounding drums and even more wild vocals, which end on a little “bleugh” sound that gives way to a heavy guitar riff. Everything drops out bar a low-pitched guitar, which smashes into a huge wall of guitars and drums. Check out a guitar playthrough with Mike Dyson and Mike Walker below:

Mirrors opens up with a dirty low-tuned riff over wild drums, then drops into huge screamed vocals over big doomy drums and cymbals. Huge fast-paced vocals end on a terrifying scream, then the opening riff kicks back in. Big atmospheric guitars come in during the chorus, then drop back into chugging heavy guitars.

While Five Years kicks off with a delicious diving riff that feeds into a big atmospheric verse. An almighty, intense mass of savage, prolonged rolling drums support hevay guitars, before giving way to a huge guitar solo that drops down into the low-tuned riff once more.

The EP closes out with Falling, which opens up with big high-pitched guitars that drop into a dark, slow opening verse of echoey vocals and light guitar. A low-tuned heavier guitar riff kicks in briefly as high-pitched guitar comes in over the top of the slightly less echoey vocals. It’s about as ballady as an insanely heavy band can get.

This is a seriously good, and extremely heavy, EP that we fully recommend getting involved with. The Calling is out now on Spotify and Bandcamp, and you can follow Arkdown on FacebookInstagram and Twitter.

Black Coast – Ill Minds Vol.1 (EP)

Speaking of heavy, brings us to Stoke’s Black Coast. Also their second EP, Ill Minds Vol 1 is an equally good effort. It opens with Ill Minds, which sees the band waste no time launching into huge low-tuned riffs and screamed vocals. More melodic guitars come in through a cool chorus, and it ends on huge screams and reverby noise.

Latest single S.L.Y and lead single Break The Routine follow. Check out our article on the band yesterday to find out what we made of these two excellent tracks, and check out the later in the video below.

Penultimate track, and the brilliantly named, Mark of the Bastard, opens up with a jumpy riff then palm-muted guitars and big cymbals support powerful screamed vocals. Then a second verse is supported by more lively driving riffs and bursts of high-pitched guitar, then cool stabbing high-pitched guitars. A big cry of “No purpose, no reason, He made himself this way” sees big low-tuned guitars come in, and feed into another big chorus.

And it ends with Lash Back which, as the name suggests, is pretty heavy. It opens up with a cool stabby riff under intense screamed vocals that end on “Disgrace, I embrace, It’s a liar’s game.” High-pitched guitars create a more edgy sounding chorus, then fades into echoey vocals and wild guitar sounds that give way to a huge breakdown of a big riff under fast-paced guitar lick to bring the EP to a close.

Ill Minds Vol. 1 is out now on SpotifyiTunes and all other digital platforms, and you can follow Black Coast on FacebookInstagram and Twitter.

Jack The Envious – Bleeding Honesty (EP)

Our favourite Israeli rockers – our New Band of the Week last May – are back with their third EP, which sees them take a more synth-led, pop-punk approach. Funky opening track Stay Silent kicks off with a stabby riff and drops into a laid-back opening verse, then heavier drums jump in as it builds up to a singalong chorus with the aid of backing synths. A second chorus drops into repeats of “You don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone” over big synth sounds, then drops into dreamy synth sounds that build towards a big final blast of the chorus.

Alone is a bit more laid-back, with light vocal-led verses, then Walk in the Dark is probably the pick of the tracks on the EP. A stabby opening riff followed by fast-paced flickers supports Nir Perlman’s edgy vocals, then drops into a pre-chorus that builds to an awesome catchy chorus of “You’re heading in the wrong way, You’ll get tired of this on your own, ‘Cos your life is going nowhere, You’ll have to pick up the pieces all alone, It’s just the voice in your head, It changes all the choices you make when it all comes down, It’s just the voice in your head, It changes and you can’t turn away ‘cos you got this far.” A big guitar solo kicks in, then drops into a final chorus. Check it out in the video below.

Ride sees the pace drop down a little in a bit more of a pop-punk ballad with a big singalong chorus of “Ride with me into the dark again.” And the EP closes out with the delicious The Rapture, which opens up with Nir’s fast-paced vocals with gradually building instrumental support. A catchy chorus that ends “Forever and ever, We wait for the rapture, To come and wash away” follows, then drops into another building verse.

It’s a little different from their earlier releases, not quite as heavy and post-hardcore, but retains the band’s deliciously catchy edge. Bleeding Honesty is out now on Bandcamp, Spotify and all other platforms, and you can follow Jack The Envious on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Voices From The Fuselage – Odyssey: The Founder of Dreams (Album)

Something truly special to brighten up your Friday from the Northamptonshire rockers. Opening track Via eases us in slowly, but soon explodes into a huge atmospheric combination of frontman Ashe O’Hara’s vocals over piercing guitars and a booming bassline.

That’s followed by a delicious chugging riff to open up The Monolith alongside piercing high-pitched guitars. Laid-back vocals soon intensify as the piercing string sounds return, building up to big high-pitched vocals. Life On Titan starts slowly, but builds up to a seriously good chuggy riff mid-way through, then high-pitched vocals lead into a big powerful chorus with atmospheric violins alongside a low-tuned driving guitar riff.

Nine Levels is simply a superb track, opening up with flickering synth sounds then guitar chords and “oh-woh-oh-woh” vocals over pounding drums that drop into a laid-back opening verse. The pace picks up as huge driving drums kick in, then drops into another chilled verse with a funky little bassline under winding vocals. A big cry of “Let this be a mistake” sees piercing guitars come in over huge low-tuned guitars, then more pounding drums drive us into an engaging, busy chorus, of which the repeated cries of “It’s all for you, it’s all for you” are ridiculously catchy.

The album’s heaviest point is probably latest single Vestibule of Hell, which you can check out below, and that rockiness continues into the brilliantly named, atmospheric Grave Digging. While the album closes out with nine-minute epic Machina, featuring Monuments guitarist Olly Steele.

This is another superb album from Voices From The Fuselage, fusing all manner of instrumentals and influences and lacing melancholy and atmosphere with a heavy, rocky edge. And to find out more about this exciting band, check out our interview with Ashe from earlier this week here.

Odyssey: The Founder of Dreams is released on Friday (9 November) and is available for pre-order here, and you can check out their music on SpotifyiTunes and all other digital platforms. You can follow Voices From The Fuselage on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Oceans On Mars – Natural (Single)

Something to whet your appetite for an exciting new British rock band. We’ll be featuring the Cheshire quintet – who are all just 17-years-old – in the next couple of weeks, and latest track Natural shows why we’re getting just a little bit excited about them.

It opens up with light guitars that drop into a cool high-pitched guitar lick over pounding drums. A laid-back verse follows with meandering vocals supported by a cool little guitar lick, then building towards a return of the previous guitar line. It continues to build in intensity with a guitar solo that feeds back into the awesome guitar lick alongside heavier drum rolls and supporting vocal wails. You can check out this great track in the stream below.

Natural is out now on Spotify and iTunes, and you can follow Oceans On Mars on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. And, you can see the band supporting The Mallisons at the Manchester Club Academy tonight, more info on that here.

Prey Drive – Once More With Feeling (Album)

Even more rocky goodness with the Norwich band’s excellent debut album. Expect plenty of techy guitars and engaging vocals from our New Band of the Week last August.

Tokyo sets the scene, opening up with a cool driving riff then delicious vocals from Brad Smith through a light verse, then increasing in intensity as they punch over a heavy rocky backdrop. Then Pancakes dives straight into a funky little fast-paced guitar riff, then an even faster guitar flitter under Brad’s vocals. A big chorus begins “She’d wake me in the morning, She used to make pancakes for me” over cool low-tuned guitars, and a second chorus flows into a cool blitz of more fast-paced guitar.

Lead single Foxes follows, which is dominated by Brad’s cool vocals “Can you hear the foxes creeping through the garden,” which lead on to the more random “Well I found a fox and she spoke to me, Well this is all that I need, She asked me if I could stay for tea.” It’s pretty random, but deliciously infectious.

The delicious rockiness keeps on coming including Star Wars Boy, which builds to a big chorus then an atmospheric ending fuelled by all manner of stringed instruments. And the album closes out in style with its excellent title track Once More With Feeling., which ends on big repeats of “Once more with feeling” and “I’m a fucking unicorn.”

Once More With Feeling is out now on Spotify and on their website, and you can follow Prey Drive on Facebook and Twitter.

Pagan – Imitate Me (Video)

The Australian hardcore cult, who we introduced you to in June, have released a video for Imitate Me.

On the track, frontwoman Nikki Brumen said: “I wrote Imitate Me at a time when someone very close to me showed me no support when I needed it the most. When I’d accomplished something huge in my life, this person became jealous and competitive instead of sharing my excitement. Along with this theme, it looks at what it is like to grow up with a parent who has a personality disorder and the constant lingering fear that you could end up like them.

“I’ve always loathed the saying ‘imitation is the highest form of flattery’ as I’ve always marched to the beat of my own drum and been proud of my individuality. This song is for anyone who is always true to who they are and don’t let the copycats hold them back.”

Check it out in the video below. Pagan are all set for their first UK tour in a couple of weeks, kicking off at The Old Blue Last in London on 20 November. More info on that tour is here.

You can follow Pagan on FacebookInstagram and Twitter, and check out their debut album Black Wash on Spotify.

BAILER – Knockanstockan live set (Video)

Ireland’s finest hardcore band, who we introduced you to in March, have released a video of their full set at Knockanstockan, which we thought was a little different and shows off the glorious brutality of this fantastic band.

The independent festival welcomes Irish bands of all genres and, as the only hardcore band on the line-up, BAILER headlined the second stage. On the show, vocalist Alex O’Leary said: “I’ve never felt more at home than I did on that stage. Everything that was needed for a perfect BAILER show was present, all smiles and relived frustration on peoples’ faces. Just pure fun. The video highlights our hunger right now to bring what you see here to a stage near you.”

You can see the Bailer live show for yourself as the band hit up the UK, beginning in Corby on 23 November, then Luton, Stoke, Leicester, Leeds, Birmingham, Northampton and ending in London on 1 December. More info on all their gigs is here.

Enjoy below, and give BAILER a follow on FacebookInstagram and Twitter.

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