Introducing: Trash Mammoth

Upon the steady decline of the kazoo industry, Jack Norton and Will Boroughs ran for shelter and found solace in the soft grips of a mammoth that digs on sick grooves and trash. Welcome to the weirdly wonderful world of Trash Mammoth, who are really keen for you to know that they’re making “quite a buzz that’s far reaching.”

The Canterbury noise rock trio, completed by Tom Edwards, bring us trashy tunes and personalities in their own unique, frankly mad manner that’s largely built upon improvisation. Basically, they write a story and a bit of music in preparation for shows then make up the rest on the spot.

As Will puts it: “There’s a few methods, sometimes we completely improvise something from scratch, but that can often end up with lyrics that just don’t work on any level, the other approach is to start with a theme or a riff and work from there. It depends how ambitious we’re feeling at the time. Either way, we’re typically lead on a spectacular adventure, the likes of which you’ve probably never experienced.”

And Jack adds: “It’s more a matter of working around the idea we base the song off of. For example, Moby Dick tackles the question of what you would do if you had to take a whale on a date, we ask the audience where we’re going and then Will typically leads us on a spectacular adventure the likes of which you’ve probably never experienced.”

As Will explains, the band initially began life as a duo with fairly loose roles. He said: “Well, at first it was just going to be myself and Jack. But then I was all like ‘We should probably get my friend Tom in to sing as neither of us really can, maybe he can play some keys as well.’ Tom now sings the least out of all of us and plays bass…”

If you believe what they tell us, the band began with Will and Jack meeting on the street, then Will Facetiming Jack while in the bath, discussing their admiration for Jack White, then deciding to start a band rather than have a bath together. They’ve since honed a sound that they describe as anything from ‘nonsensical storytelling’ through to ’empirical, anecdotal and righteous’ and, as Tom puts it: “Like Mighty Boosh but not shit.”

While Will adds: “Wild, you’ll probably never have heard anything like it. So strap on. We’re making a buzz that’s far reaching.” For about the 323rd time.

You won’t find their music online yet, but you can check them out in action on YouTube. However, Jack tells us: “We’ve got some music coming out trying to capture the untamed nature of our music. It’s going to be HARD but we’re going to try to make it translate.”

While Will more ambitiously adds: “We’ve got a documentary coming up to show how far we’ve come. There’s going to be a cinema showing of it with a red carpet. It’s going to be a game changer.”

Based on our discussion band loyalty seems to be a concern. Tom tells us: “I’ve been dusting out jives since I was a dickworm. I’m now in six bands and am always looking for more. (Send CVs to Please save me from this band).”

And Will goes further by adding: “I pretty much start a new band every week, every now and then one of those 52 bands from the year manages to last longer than a week.”

While Jack chose this moment to reveal his sick fantasies to us: “I want to have a version of Love In An Elevator sung to me about me by Axl Rose, and figured this would be the quickest way to get that to happen.”

New music is incoming soon, and they’re making quite a buzz that’s far reaching. Oh, and did we mention they were on MTV’s Cribs? Absolute chaos.

You can follow Trash Mammoth on Facebook and YouTube.



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