Introducing: Babyteeth

If you read our recent New Music Friday round-up then it’s likely your eyes are still suffering from polka dot-related issues. But there’s no need to go and see your optician, it’s just repercussions from encountering exciting British newcomers Babyteeth.

The quintet of Camilla Roholm (vocals and guitar), Eilidh McKellar (lead guitar), Rio Hellyer (bass), Samantha Lubin (drums) and Sam Hammond (guitar) tell us they all appeared on the ‘hit’ TV show Married At First Sight. Now, we’ve even heard of this show so we cannot verify if it’s real or a true story but, as Eilidh tells us: “It was illegal for us all to get married but it’s very much true love between us.”

Rather than embark on a five-way marriage, they instead decided to start a band or, as Samantha says: “As children, we dreamed of carrying loads of equipment around and making no money.”

Luckily they’ve since honed a loud and catchy rock sound, which Eilidh describes to us as “a right bop!” And she’s totally correct.

The latest proof of this is Cut It, which opens up with Camilla’s light vocals supported by little twists of guitar and palm-muted guitars. A building pre-chorus suddenly drops out for the vocals “Cut it all out,” which leads into the infectious chorus ““Cut it, Cut it, Away away, Couldn’t cut it so you can stay away.” I challenge you to not have this stuck in your head for the next couple of hours or so.

Their ability to write catchy rock tracks is also shown by previous single Cocoon, which opens with light vocals “There’s something in my head that makes me want you, There’s someone in your bed that makes me haunt you.” A rocky riff kicks in and building guitars give way to Camilla’s deliciously croony vocal delivery through the chorus.

And it gets even edgier with the saucy Shame, which opens with Camilla’s vocals and a building guitar then cries of “Sh-sh-sh-sh shame, Shame on, Darling shame on you, Should say your prayers, Dry your crocodile tears, Daddy’s gone and mummy’s not here” then a cool “All bad children go to hell” to finish the chorus off. A big guitar solo follows the second chorus, then drops into a final rendition of the chorus. Check it out below:

Influences such as Hole, Garbage and Nirvana come across in their edgy, super-catchy rocky style. And when it comes to what inspires their music Camilla tells us: “Anything in life really. Often the dark stuff though, we’re a bunch of emos.”

And if that’s not enough to inspire you to check them out then Eilidh adds: “We regularly give out free ice cream and kisses.”

You can follow Babyteeth on FacebookInstagram and Twitter, and check out their music on Spotify, SoundcloudiTunes and YouTube.

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