Introducing: Viscaya

Miami band Viscaya offer up deliciously savage, fast-paced, aggressive metalcore, in a sound that the band describes to us as “intense, powerful, and emotional.”

Viscaya is formed of four childhood friends, who completed their current line-up at the end of last year – having previously had intriguing dual male and female vocals. As they tell us: “We’ve all been friends since we were kids so everything felt smooth and natural. We each have that urge to create and express ourselves and that’s what being in Viscaya allows us to do. We couldn’t be happier with who we have in the band.”

The first taster of what the quartet are capable of came with six-track EP No Sin In Sincerity, which was released in June. And boy, is it good. We’ll begin with the superb Forever Wasn’t Enough, which closes the EP in some style. The opening to the song is… well… brutal, kicking off with a ridiculously good, and long scream, of “Let’s go” from Max. The brutal vocals continue with big screams of ” This is a fallout, No angel left in sight, Where do we go now, Forever wasn’t enough,” which soon drops into a clean chorus.

The screamed vocals return over booming guitar riffs and pounding drums with the lyrics “I swear I won’t be here anymore, Deeper and deeper, My pulse hits the floor I’m scared half to death, I don’t think I’ll ever feel again.” That ends with long, drawn-out guitars and rolling drums, then a huge breakdown of low-tuned chugging guitars under Daniel’s savage screamed vocals to bring the track to a heavy ending. Check it out in the fun video below:

On the track, the band tell us to expect: “A wide range of screams, heavy-hitting breakdowns, and lyrics that’ll surely make you feel. There’s also a kick-ass music video out now on YouTube to go along with Forever. It was directed by our buddy Bryan Bishop.”

Revival keeps the heaviness going, opening up with big bass drum and cymbals then savage vocals “Ashes to ashes, dust to dust… Send me to heaven, send me to hell,” over booming guitars. The intensity of the guitars drop as Daniel’s clean vocals “With just a little hope and a little grace, A little love, Just say your piece, I’m doing fine, I swear you will be OK,” which intensify into a barrage of intense vocals and guitars, then a smash of heavy guitars and drums.

That gives way to a big chorus of cleaner, drawn-out vocals, with big low-tuned guitars hammering way, then ending on a smash of bigger guitars and savage screamed vocals. It’s seriously heavy stuff.

The band’s sound was honed on the big metal bands of the last decade, such as Bring Me The Horizon, Slipknot, Of Mice And Men and more. As the band explain: “The music of our era was definitely pivotal in our generation. All the sounds from that time were really captivating and timeless and we want to bring a part of that to today’s music. We also have our own artists that we listen to outside the ‘heavy’ genre and tie it into our songwriting and composition. I’d say we all bring different influences to the table.”

Viscaya’s music is heavily built their personal experiences. As they tell us: “You can think of what you want the song to be about and based on that, structure it the way you think works best. Drawing from experience is probably the easiest way to push out lyrics. You’re just spilling your thoughts onto a piece of paper. We all have an amazing story, whether you’re an artist or a listener.

“Our stories consisting of issues, challenges, and victories really help us cement what we are and where we come from. Experiences and talking about those very experiences is the reason we write this music. Emotion easily plays a role. It’s what drives us. Hearing that people actually make it through the day because of a song we’ve written or maybe an act of kindness that we’ve shown is something we wouldn’t trade for anything else in the world.”

The Viscaya sound is perfect for just that – evoking emotions and getting you through tough times or a hard day. It’s hard-hitting, powerful and passionate, which is best summarised by the band themselves as: “We make music for dream chasers and for those who feel lost. Written with passion and played with explosiveness, our music is tightly knit with the aura of who we are. It’s got a perfect mix of heavy and soft. You’ll be sure to find yourself wanting to get up and move.”

There’s plenty more to come from Viscaya, with the band committed to consistent releases of content, be it vlogs, new music or new videos. They’ve recently been into the studio to create some new singles, so expect plenty more new music and videos in the near future.

You can follow Viscaya on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and check out their music on Spotify, iTunes and YouTube.

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