Introducing: Fixation

As we’ve mentioned several times in previous blogs, the various music discovery tools available through the likes of Spotify are great for finding new bands. And that’s exactly how we discovered exciting new Norwegian rockers Fixation.

The band initially started out as a few friends wanting to play music and started to learn their instruments together. As vocalist Jonas Wesetrud Hansen explains: “Through the years we gained some new members and things started becoming more and more serious, not just a school band anymore. This year we got signed by Indie Recordings, which took the band to a whole new level again.

“It has always been our dream to live as musicians, and we’re still working hard to make that dream a reality. The most important thing is we have always maintained the fact that we’re just very good friends making music together.”

The band, completed by Martin Gravdal (bass), Martin Stenstad Selen and Tobias Østerdal (guitars) and Mats Klevar Holm (drums), have honed an intense rock sound that they themselves describe as “massive.”

As Jonas explains: “I think we have managed to bring a lot of different elements into our music. We have some very heavy parts, some very soft parts, something more pop and something more metal.

“We like to explore different genres and listen to a lot of different music, and that’s something we would like to express through our own music. We have always loved a massive soundscape and I feel like that’s something we have been able to make with the songs we have put out.”

This big, but diverse sound comes across in their superb debut single Neurosis – which was the track we discovered them with. It opens up with a big drum roll then lively guitars and a high-pitched guitar noise before dropping into Jonas’ vocals supported by palm-muted guitars, then dreamy sounding guitar licks.

It gives way to a building synth sound that drops into a big singalong chorus of big vocals “I’m dead, But only in my head, Enslaved by lies, deceit and hate, It has become a part of me” over huge atmospheric instrumentals.

A second chorus drops into a cool little section of techy guitars, then drops into soft guitars under spoken vocals. Floaty backing vocals come in then light vocals “Have we lost our minds or our sense of morality? Have we become” lead into a huge cry of “misanthropists?” over an awesome jumpy guitar riff.

That feeds into a big atmospheric instrumental section of high-pitched guitars over the jumpy riff to bring this superb track to a close. Check it out in the video below:

The band released second single Survive earlier this month, which opens up with light electronic noises and light guitars under vocals “We’ve heard it before too many times, Why can’t we seem to understand it? It’s all in your head, Just don’t think like that, Where do your demons even come from?” The pace picks up as the vocals continue “Because we treat those who are damaged likethey are just a bunch of crooks, Does it have to believe for you to get it, We give them guns instead of guidance and wonder why our kids are killing themselves.”

That feeds into a big catchy chorus of heavier guitars under Jonas’ engaging vocals “Just scream, just cry, just let out what you’ve got inside, Tear off the black and leave colours bleed through, The ones who caused you this pain, Just show them who you really are, No-one can take that away from you and no-one should.”

A second chorus drops into light guitars then gradually builds up to heavier vocals over big atmospheric instrumentals and vocals that close the track out. Give it a listen below:

The band’s music has been influenced by the likes of Bring Me The Horizon, Architects, Thirty Seconds To Mars, Muse and My Chemical Romance. As Jonas says: “All bands with a good mix of heavy and catchy music, who also bring up important topics.”

Speaking of which, brings us to the issues that Fixation address in their music. Jonas tells us: “All our lyrics are about the state of today’s society and what we feel needs to change. One of our main goals with our music is being able to make a change in the world and inspire people to fight for what they think is right.

“We are very vocal about what we feel is wrong, and most of the time that goes against people in power and the way society is run by the people who has that power. A lot of the bands that we are inspired by has always gone out and said ‘fuck you if you think you’re better than any one else or worth anything more than anyone else just because you have money and power.’ And that’s something we want to do as well!”

The two tracks above come from the band’s upcoming debut EP Global Suicide, which will be released on 7 August. On the EP, Jonas says: “All the songs on our upcoming EP are about the state of the world today. What we feel is wrong and needs to be changed. We have written about political injustice, mental health and the climate crisis. Topics which we are very passionate about and want to shine a light on. The idea is to get more people to think about how they can influence the world.”

We haven’t met too many Norwegian bands of late, and those we have met tend to be hardcore punk bands. So we asked Jonas about the current rock scene in his country. He said: “In Norway, rock and metal is usually not the genre that tops the charts, but we do have a very big rock/metal community spread throughout Norway. And it feels like more rock/metal bands are getting a lot of publicity lately.

“Bands like Lüt and Brenn. have been very much talked about in the media and we have the big bands like Kvelertak who are still doing very well here. For us as a band, I think the support we have gotten throughout the years have been very positive, and we have gotten a lot of help to get to where we are now.”

There’s plenty to come from Fixation, as not only is their debut EP out on 7 August but they’re already working on their debut album, which will be released with Indie Recordings. We’re loving their engaging, heavy sound and they’re clearly a band with plenty to say about the state of the world, which is really important at the moment. So we encourage you all to go an listen to their music and stay tuned for more soon.

You can follow Fixation on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and check out their music on Spotify, Soundcloud and YouTube.

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